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 Our Exclusive Brands

At Scandi Lounge, we believe in the power of Scandinavian design to transform your lifestyle and living space. These carefully selected brands are a testament to our commitment to bringing the best of Scandinavian style and quality to Dubai. We invite you to explore our curated collection and discover how these brands can add a touch of timeless elegance to your life.

Nude of Scandinavia

Handcrafted shoes and bags to love for a lifetime



Blend of comfort and sophistication


Dale Of Norway

Driven by nature


ella & il

Expresses the Norwegian way of living

ella logo.png


Scandi Lounge was created by two Norwegian friends living in Dubai. With us you will find a style that is Nordic and timeless, but warm and personal. We want to introduce Scandinavian lifestyle to the Middle East. 


Every day we surround ourselves with lots of things. Nice stuff, but a lot of stuff. We therefore think that you should surround yourself with things that matter. Which is so beautiful it makes your heart a little happier. 


We think that a home is much more than a physical place filled with physical objects. It is an emotional, safe anchor in a world full of contrasts. A place where life is to be lived, both for better and for worse. As a work of art, the home is always in motion; a personal white canvas that develops over time. 


We place great emphasis on Scandinavian design and collaborate with well-known Scandinavian brands.

 In Scandi Lounge you will find carefully selected items that mean something to us, and hopefully to you too.

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